04 February, 2009


So, last night Gene called while the kids and I were doing dishes. We aren't set up with a dishwasher yet, so I wash and the kids dry. I ran out here to grab the phone and I'm saying hi and then I hear a huge crash come from the kids. Ellie's saying 'oh no'. And I tell Gene to call back 'cause something broke and I think Ellie broke it. So, I run back there and my 2 favorite pans are in pieces on the floor. Now, our floors are all concrete still, the granite tiles won't make for a softer landing, but. Ellie and Edward explain how Eric pulled the stack off onto the floor. So glad it was Eric, because Ellie would have been feeling terrible, crying even. So at least Eric couldn't feel the gravity of it all. He offered his 'sorry' though. One of the pans was just a Pampered Chef large jelly roll pan, but it's the second one I've broken. It was perfectly seasoned. I can't bake cookies without it. I don't like the way cookies turn out on any other pan, metal just doesn't work for me, I burn them. cost: $29.95 + $8 shipping. The second pan was a beautiful Polish Pottery oval baker. I love that dish. I use it more for serving than baking, but I love(ed) it. I bought it on eBay about a year ago. cost: $30+ $12 shipping.

So maybe for my birthday I can ask for some new pans. It benefits everyone, they can't live without my cookies. Well, they probably could, but why would we want to?


  1. Don't you know that you always blame the younger sibling? They don't get in as much trouble?

  2. oh, is that how it's supposed to go?