23 January, 2009


Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days when I feel my eyes brimming. Feelings overwhelming me, sights overwhelming me. I have been blessed with the perfect mate. Perfect for me. He supports, encourages, brags on me. He is the best thing for my ego. He doesn't just let well enough be. We are probably flip- flop of most couples. Maybe not. He is the talker, not just idle talk, planning, future talk. He wants it laid out. And having the plan isn't enough. We have a couple back ups too. Right now our plans deal with this mammoth house he built with our oldest 2 sons (and a couple crews). We still have miles to go to finish it, but it's our home. Do we take on this debt in this economic climate? Do we begin again? It's not that simple, but it is. I'd follow him anywhere.
Our children are growing up too fast. 14? 13? 11? 9? 6? 2? Too fast. I've been outgrown by 2 of them. They're good kids. Well, not good, Great. I'm not talking your average good kids with good grades and stay out of trouble. They excel. At everything. They're super students, I should know, I'm their teacher. They have future plans. They don't fight with each other, not really. They even do dishes. They clear the table, set the table, take out the trash, fold laundry, and they don't have to be nagged. They're super. They aren't my slaves, rather they work alongside me and dad. They understand how a family works. They are included on work trips with dad. They go grocery shopping with me. They change diapers. They rock! They're Scouts, they're students, they're the best kids a mom could ask for.

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