18 January, 2009

some cuteness

Okay, so my kids are cute. Too cute sometimes. Our youngest will be 2 in March. He can be adorable and he can be a stinker. His name is Eric. He repeats stuff. If you don't want anyone else to hear it, don't say it in his earshot. Some of his recents are: Don't bodder the baby (him), and Enie (Enos, his buddie), and Gi' me dat. The list goes on. So, our others have been cute too. I just can't remember much. After 6, memories are hard to hold on to. When Ellie was about the same age she came to us, and requested we follow her to the bathroom (so she could tell on some older brothers). Dramatically, she turned and held out a hand (a la Vanna White) and showed us the splashes around the toiled and said 'look what my brothers did, look'. That's about all I can remember. Okay, one more. When Gene was little he'd find a corner and take a pillow and blanket and sit with a toy or book. Since he was the first and there was no big sib to hunt for him we had to keep up with the usually places. When he was about 5 or 6, dad was talking to a man at work and explaining how we correct our kids. He was trying to get Gene to tell the man how he was punished. Dad asked " Gene what do we spank you with", thinking Gene would tell the man that he receives thumps on the back of his hand. Well, Gene didn't know what to say. He replied "with coat hangers?" Elliott has had his personality since the minute he was born. In the little bed the nurses placed him in right after they weighed him, he reached his tiny hand across his body and grabbed the edge of the bed trying to turn himself over. Determination, that's my Elliott. Edward, well, he has made me nervous. His first surgery was at the young age of 6 months. His eye lid drooped a bit. He's had 3 surgeries now, but let me tell you seeing your infant go in to an MRI is a bit nerveracking. So tiny. Ethan is a lot like his oldest brother, Gene. Smart as a whip and zooming through chapter books in the 1st grade. He didn't want anything to do with Junie B. Jones, 'she's a girl, those are girl books'. But he's on #23 and closing in on the series. Barbara Parks, will there be more?

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